Sky Loop

I'm hoping to build a sky loop soon. I got the idea from an ARRL antenna book and it may solve my problem of operating on 40m and 80m without any trees or large property to hang antennas in. I also don't want to use ground radials that might be near my kids. So that leaves me with long dipoles (which are hard to fit on my property), or hopefully this "sky loop".

The idea is to run a loop around the circumference of my house that totals 280 feet in length. It should be usable on 80m, 40m and 20m if all goes well. 80m is actually the worst, as I've tried to make it better for 40m than 80m based on simulation results since I'm more likely to want to use 40m.

The operating details based on simulation:

The ARRL book gives slightly different lengths and it may be that their lengths are best on a corner fed loop. My simulations show that the lengths need to be slightly different if it's corner fed vs end fed, and I plan on center-side feeding mine.





Wes Hardaker
Last modified: Thu Mar 5 21:38:28 PST 2009