WS6Z's Questions to the World

My kids and I have questions. Questions about the world. I'm asking HAMs I talk with to answer them. These are the answers we have received.

Current Question:

Where is your favorite place to go in the State and/or Country in which you live? Where would you send a visitor to if they could only go to one place?

N7TGFUS, WAThe kuillayute Indian Reservation and the kapsuh river: a beatiful peaceful place
N8OOUS, LAMy favorite place is back in Moscow, Russia! Likes LA for cheap land, but misses Russia.
WZ7EUS, WABest City: Seattle; best outdoor: Columbia River Gorge
KH2BRUS, CASan Francisco
VE6AOCA, CalgaryTirell Dinosaur Museum in Alberta NE of the city; they have a great museum for school age kids
KE6HXFUS, CALabrea Tar Pits is very interesting. And some hot springs near him that I failed to copy the name of (my bad not his).

Wes Hardaker
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