WS6Z's Simplex Mapping System

This is a web interface wrapped around a database that lets individuals enter information about who they heard during something like a simplex net. This is useful for determining where holes are in critical communication networks, and other connectivity information. (And, it generates pretty KML maps that are simply fun to play with).

The good news is that the new system allows multiple groups to all have their own area of the database to play with. The bad news is that there is no documentation yet (again, my finger injury hasn't fully recovered). But hopefully the system is somewhat intuitive.

It's fairly simple: you log in with your groups login, enter information about where you're at physically during an event and then click on check boxes for each person you hear and optionally fill in how good their signal was. After an "event" is over, you can download the results in a number of different formats including a simple connection "bubble diagram", a google earth/maps KML file, and a CSV export.

The system can be accessed from:

If you want to:

Screen Shots

A Export to KML and viewed with the automatic link to Google Maps:

A simple bubble plot:

Wes Hardaker
Last modified: Tue Sep 2 07:56:45 PDT 2008