WS6Z's patches to yfklog 0.3.4

Below are a collection of my local changes to yfklog. The changelog for the things I've done is below. To use these changes, the easiest thing to do is to just grab the Complete Patch and apply that to the yfklog source code before building.

The primary purpose of the patches are to enable the automatic lookup of various aspects from callsign databases. IE, it auto-fills in the name, qth, grid information, etc from data pulled from QRZ or possibly even the U.S. FCC database if you have a copy of it. See the documentation on Ham::Callsign::DB for more details.

Hopefully these patches will eventually make it back into yfklog proper (hint hint to dj1yfk).

New Install Instructions

You'll likely want to use perl to automatically install the following perl modules first from CPAN:

The build system was modified to use a Makefile.PL file in order to make a clean separation between local sources and installed files, so the new install steps are:

Changes Made and Individual Patches

All PatchesAll the changes combined into a single patch