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A few good links are often more useful than a bunch of links.

A bunch of links can be highly useful afterward.

This page has many resources for the folks that live in (or are visiting to) the Davis, CA, US area. Or Yolo County. Or the Sacramento Valley.

Local Resources (Davis, CA - ish)

Local Groups
CA Yolo County ARES
Yolo County Amateur Radio Society
Sacramento Valley ARES
Local data
Yolo County Radio Frequencies
Local Repeaters
147.000136.5Mt Vaca
(30 second timeout)
147.195123.0Huge Valley Coverage
(ARES use)
(non-member usage discouraged)
Local Nets

See the full list on the Local Nets page

Other sites about Wes Hardaker's projects

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Google + WS6Z Net-SNMP Korematsu Elisp
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Wes Hardaker's Pictures
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