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A few good links are often more useful than a bunch of links.

A bunch of links can be highly useful afterward.

Local (Sacramento-area) Ham Radio Nets

There are a gazillion (I counted) nets occurring every week in the Davis/Sacramento area. I'm listing a bunch below, ranked according to my preference for participating in them. You will likely have a different ordering, so try them all and see which ones you like best! All of them take visitor checkins. It's a great time to learn what it means to participate in a net and how "directed communication" works.

The above is such a small sampling of my favorite nets. If you're interested in even more, see the extensive Sac Valley ARES list of nets or this other long list.
Name Date / Time Purpose Repeater Frequency PL tone Notes  
Yolo ARES Monday 8:00pm Emergency Group KE6YUV 146.970+ 162.2    
YARS Monday 8:30pm Hobby Discussions K6VYR 170.000- 136.5 Very friendly!  
Noon Net Everyday Noon Emergency Group W6AK 146.310- 162.2    
      K6JRB 144.850- 203.5 (also noon net)  
Sac Amateur Reserves Monday 7:00pm Emergency Group N6ICW 147.195+ 123    
UCD ARC Monday 12:30pm UCD K6JRB 144.850- 203.5 (also noon net)  
Norcal Skywarn Wednesday 8:00pm Emerg. Weather K6IS 145.190- 162.2    
BARK Sunday 7:30pm Club KE6YUV 146.970+ 123    
News Report Monday 7:30pm Ham News N6ICW 147.195+ 123    
Swap Net Thursday 8:00pm Equip. Sales N6ICW 147.195+ 123    

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