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About Me

I'm WS6Z. A Ham radio operator. You should be to. Why? Because it's easy. And fun.

I live in Davis, CA where we have a lot of great active HAM communities, including many active local nets.

More About WS6Z

Contacting Me
Repeaters I use:N6ICW
KE6YUV (for Yolo ARES)
Email:wes AT AT
IRC:Yamar in #ham
(see below)
On a nets:Nets
My HAM Projects
Questions to the world!

My CW Training Software
Other HAM Software I've written
Simplex Mapping System
Fixed Ham::Scraper
WS6Z's changes to YFKlog
Quick Links For Friends
My blog entries on amateur radio
The surface of the sun

General Resources

Important Ham Radio Pages
FCC Wireless
Callsig Vanity Info
THE callsign tracking database
Amateur Radio Wiki
Become a storm spotter
Groups / News
Space Weather
Finding Repeaters
Google Earth Repeater Maps
IRLP Nodes
N. CA 2m Repeaters
Testing Resources
ARRL's practice test
A nice UI for practice tests
QRZ Practice Test - w/ separable sections
AA9PW's tests
E-HAM Practice Test
Study Guides
Podcast of HAM Class
ARRL Band Summary
VHF Band Plans
HF Band Plans
Frequency Usage DB
10+m 2008 Band Plan
#ham Chat Channel
My Login:Yamar
Buying your first radio
Univ. Radio
Fantastic Information!
Mobile Operator Information
Reported DX-Cluster Maps
Current 6M Propagation
VHF Propagation Map
Combined Solar Number Graph and Cycle
Flash HF Propagation Tutor

The Giants Before Me

Learning about Ham Radio would be very difficult without standing on the shoulders of giants.

The Giants Before Me
KC0UYKThe man that got me into it; and I've only met him in person once!
KG6POMA local solar expert who got me talking more
KG6SJTA very friendly local expert who has been remarkably patient with my questions!
NS6QA favorite local friendly geek to talk with.

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